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Rules and Regulations for Canal Docks

Please review the rules and regulations listed below before making your request.


Check out the Sandpiper Cove Boater’s Resource Site for information designed to assist our many residents and guests that bring their boats to Sandpiper Cove.


The boat owner must be an owner of or a registered guest in a condominium at Sandpiper Cove. Boat ownership is defined to mean either personally or as the person with the controlling interest or majority stockholder of a corporation or partnership owning said boat.


Peak Season (SPC Summer Rental Period):
Any boat owner can reserve up to 14 consecutive nights of dock space based upon slip availability and their purchase of an appropriate permit for use during their stay.

Off-Peak Season (Remainder of the Year):
Any boat owner can reserve up to 120 nights of dock space based upon slip availability and their purchase of an appropriate permit for use during their stay.

Reservations may be made up to a year in advance and may require a deposit depending on the permit type requested.

Documents that you must provide are a signed rental contract or other documentation from the unit owner or manager that indicates the length and dates of your stay, a copy of your boat’s current registration, and proof of at least $100K of liability insurance for your vessel.

Proof of the required insurance and the state vessel registration should be faxed to SPC Canal Reservations at (850) 654-4186 or scanned and sent to shayes@sandpipercove.com before any reservation can be confirmed. Without SPC confirmation, your requested slip and dates will not be guaranteed and may be removed from the system to allow others access to the slip during the time period you desire. These documents will also be required during check-in upon your arrival.

No vessel that has the ability to port to the open air is permitted on SPC property.


No docking is allowed by any vessel without a valid and current SPC Permit properly displayed.

A Permit is issued upon arrival during the check in process provided all documents have been supplied and fees have been paid.

A permit may not be issued if any of the following conditions exist:
The Reservation is made under false pretenses or, if for any reason, incorrect information is provided to secure the reservation.
The boat does not meet all of the requirements set out in the Rules and Regulations for Canal Docks upon arrival.

Short Term Permit

$150 Peak Season
Reservations from 3-7 nights in length, second week available at the same rate, 8th and 9th days available at $25 per day. Maximum reservation time is 14 days during the Peak Season for any boat owner.

$100 Off-Peak Season
Reservations from 3-7 days in length, second week available at the same rate, 8th and 9th days available at $20 per day. Maximum reservation time is 14 consecutive days. There is no limit on how many total days can be reserved at this rate by a boat owner during the Off-Peak Season.

Long Term Permit

$250 Off-Peak Season only
Reservations of up to 120 nights within the Off-Peak season calendar year.

Annual Permit

$500 Peak and Off-Peak Seasons
Limited to 1 permit per Condominium unit.

Reservations available for 14 nights during Peak Season and 120 nights during Off-Peak Season. This does not guarantee year-round dockage and all reservation requests are based on availability.

Short Notice Requests
are allowed for Annual Permit holders at no additional cost. They are based upon slip availability.

An Annual Permit holder can make a request 48 hours or less before their anticipated arrival. These requests are unlimited in number and they are not considered reservations. As such, they do not apply toward the permit’s reservation day totals.

Maximum request periods are the same as the seasonal reservation periods. 14 nights in Peak Season and 120 nights in Off-Peak Season.

Only unreserved slips may be requested to fill Short Notice requests and slip availability is not guaranteed.

If the permit holder's boat is already docked in a different slip, the owner is required to make arrangements for its relocation prior to their original reservation's check-out time.

Check-in / Check-out and Parking

Check-in time is 1:00 pm (Local Time)
Check with SPC if early or late arrival is expected (2 hours or more).

Check-out time is 11:00 am (Local Time)
Boat owners must remove their vessel when their reservation expires or risk paying substantial relocation costs and having future docking privileges revoked.

Vessels are to dock between the white markers identifying their slip. Slip numbers appear on top and along the water edge of the dock in the center of each slip (between the white markers). Operators must center the vessel between the marks and not allow any portion of the vessel to intrude into the next slip.


Reservation Request Restrictions:
Permit holders must own or be occupying a condo at Sandpiper Cove during the dates reserved.

Vessel Restrictions:
No vessels with open air exhaust porting will be issued a permit. The overall, measured length of the vessel may not exceed 30 feet. This is measured from the forward-most part of the vessel, including anything attached to it, to the rear-most part of the vessel including platforms and engines/out-drives in their raised positions. When necessary, SPC Security will measure the vessel and make a final determination of compliance. The overall beam of the vessel may not exceed 10 feet in any hull configuration. Unpowered vessels are not allowed to occupy a slip unless specifically authorized by the SPC Manager or designate.

Vessel Trailer Restrictions:
Vessel trailers (loaded or empty) are not allowed to park on SPC property unless parked underneath the vessel owner's condominium unit (as found under some Villa and 4000 series units). See the Boater's Resource Page for a partial list of available off-site storage facilities.

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